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Off-Road Driving: An Unforgettable Gift For Any Teenager

An Unforgettable Gift For Any Teenager

Shopping for teenagers is a nightmare. Their likes and dislikes shift so fast that it is dizzying. So what better to get them than an unforgettable experience? Since all teenagers are dreaming of the day that they can get their independence, and have their own set of wheels, why not get them an experience that will make them feel grown-up?

Land Rover Teenage Off-Road Experience

Land Rover offers an off-road driving experience for 11-17 years olds. What teenager wouldn't love the gift of driving and getting ahead of their peers?

The driving centre is in Dunkeld, Perthshire. Your teenager will be able to take the controls of a Range Rover Evoque. The exhilarating experience includes an hour of driving around an off-road course. The carefully crafted course means teenagers will get to steer through a driving maze, up and down steep slopes and plunge through deep water.

Since the car has dual controls, you can be assured that they'll be staying safe while they have the time of their lives. If they want they can even take a friend with them to share the fun.

Driving Off-Road – Ultimate Bragging Rights

Not only will your teenager get to learn invaluable driving skills, they will get to drive off-road, something they are going to be able to talk about their whole lives. Because let's face it, most adults would love to go offroading as well. So the next time that you are stuck for an idea for a birthday present for a teenager, why not buy them an amazing off-road driving experience?

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