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Why choose Young Off-Roader?

Young Off-Roader is the new junior Land Rover Experience, building on years of success running off-road driving experiences for adults. Land Rover is known as the world leader in off-road vehicles, and Land Rover Experience has a global reputation for its off-road driving centres. Land Rover Experience Scotland is the top-rated off-road driving centre in the country, guaranteeing a mix of fun, learning, safety and skills. And all this in a brand new Range Rover Evoque!!

You will be taught by a Land Rover Experience instructor in a dual-controlled car, so safety is paramount while you are enjoying your drive.

The Young Off-Roader programme from Land Rover Experience Scotland will build your confidence and give you some impressive driving skills - and with a GoPro video as part of the package, you'll be able to show your friends what you've achieved!

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